Servers come crashing down

Posted on August 5, 2010


You guys might have notices our site has been suspended by our trusted host. Apparently we maxed our CPU allowance so they decided to suspend our account with no warning, no access to our files so we can move them, or email.

We have been trying to connect with their non-existent customer support for over 4 hours now with no luck. This is the message we have to work with “our senior admins will get with you shortly….” That was 4 hours ago.

The good news is that the main reason we maxed our CPU is because of all the traffic hitting our site from Mashable’s post that included our free Web Ui Kit and from StumbleUpon. The bad news, we are losing all the traffic.

Will keep you posted on the status, until then you can visit design-newz for the latest community posts.

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