New Feature: Technology channel (Techgrids)

Posted on August 5, 2010


We have some cool news this morning. We finally decided to add a new channel to After a couple of months of debate, we figured out the right way to implement this new channel into the site without mudding the current design feed.

The new channel

We are going to be implementing a Technology channel (Techgrids), we have not yet set a date for it’s launch but we are very excited. As designers and developers ourselves we have a passion for the technology that drives our work, that includes our hardware, software, mobile phones etc. Having a technology channel only made sense.

The reason we had to discuss this decision internally for a while before we made the decision to implement, is because we did not want to take the creative focus away from the original theme of the site and overcrowd our Global grid with technology news.

The solution

Rolling out this new channel we decided to introduce it as its own channel and exclude it from the Global grid. This will allow people that are interested in technology news to get the latest from around the web, while keeping the theme of the site intact for those only interested in design inspiration, development, photography, tutorials etc.

We will also be introducing a subtle sidebar widget site-wide that will pull in the latest from the techgrids channel, this will help us expose this new channel to the readers of our site.

As I said earlier, we do not have a date for this new channel since we plan on creating a new skin specifically for this channel (thank you Expression Engine!).

We would love to hear your thoughts on this, please leave us a comment with ideas, and concerns.

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