My top 5 feedgrids posts and their significance

Posted on August 4, 2010


I decided to make a top 5 list of my favorite original posts on and their significance.

First off, let me explain how our site works for those who are new or have not spent much time exploring the site.

The purpose of feedgrids is to aggregate great content from graphic design blogs, photography blogs, blogs that specialize in photoshop tutorials, web design blogs, etc. Since we have so many sources in so many categories (About 170+ sources actually) we organized the feeds in categories that you will find on the top of the site. Along with those categories you will notice an “Originals” category. This is the content that we contribute to the design community.

So, the site has been live for about 6 months now and we have contributed a great amount of fresh new content to the community, posts that I wrote, and from our great contributors to the site. Here is a list of my top 5 posts since the launch of the site and the reason why they made the list!

1. Interview with designer and blogger Chris Spooner of Spoongraphics

Chris Spooner

The first one has to be the first ever post on feedgrids. I was soooo excited to get Chris Spooner to spend some time and answer some questions for us. Being new in the design blogging community, I did not know how to really approach people, and what they might think of me (being a nobody with a new site and all). He was very excited to share some info with us and get our blog started. Thank you for that Chris! Read the interview with Chris Spooner.

2. 25 Funny and Clever Print Advertisements

25 Funny and Clever Print AdvertisementsThe main reason this post made the list other than the fact that it’s hilarious, is because it spread through StumbleUpon like wild fire, let’s just say we met our monthly page view quota that day! It was insane, we were getting about 1000 page views every 30 minutes.

3. UX Lessons Learned From Offline Experiences

UX Lessons Learned From Offline Experiences

Jon Phillips of Spyre Studios was kind enough to contribute to feedgrids this awesome post. This post was our first high profile contribution. Plus, Smashing Magazine tweeted it to their thousands of followers and we got an enormous amount of traffic and exposure that week, thanks Jon!

4. Freebie: Modern Web UI Set

Modern Web UI SetThe fourth one to make the cut is my modern web UI kit that I gave away on the site. This was the first contribution to the community, hopefully a file people can use in their projects to save time. Another reason this made the top 5 list is because it was featured on SpeckyBoy’s post “20 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils” and on Mashable’s “10 Free Web UI Kits and Resources for Designers” it was well received, and helped drive traffic and exposure to both and myself as a designer.

5. Finding and Working With the Right Designer

Finding and Working With the Right DesignerThe last one on the list is my first true article contribution on how to find and work with the right designer. This post was inspired by a presentation I did a few months before at a technology conference in Dallas Texas. Since I am not a good writer this was a big accomplishment for me. I want to give a big thank you to my beautiful wife for helping me proof, and edit the post!

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